Please be advised that this Notice constitutes a binding Agreement by and between World Review Group, hereinafter "Principal", and any corporation, agency, party, person, individual, or even artificial intelligence(s), hereinafter "User", visiting and making use of this public record registry, hereinafter "Registry", that was constructed to host any and all legal documents on the public record. Each entry holder acknowledges that their records are being made available for anyone to see and affirms that their documents are true in nature and are not misleading. By accessing Registry, User agrees to do so in a manner consistent only with document research, public records viewing, and other such private uses that are limited in scope. Should User decide to download any published record entries located inside the contents of the Registry, User agrees in full acknlowledgment that any reproduction or further publication without the prior, written consent from the entry holder, or from the legal representatives of, or even from the Principal is, thereby, unlawful. User accepts full liability for any such publication without said prior consent and agrees to be held accountable for damages should User choose to dishonor this Agreement and if Principal or the entry holder seeks prosecution. Further, if User sets out to utilize this Registry for the purposes of harassment, defamation of character, or any other such unlawful purposes AND User is discovered to be a member of United States intelligence services, a member of the U.S. government, or any party, corporation, agency, person, or individual acting on behalf of any and all governmental entities, then User may also be subject to legal ramifications via applicable government codes ⁄ statutes (not limited exclusively to the United States) such as 18 USC § 241 (Conspiracy against rights) and 18 USC § 242 (Deprivation of rights). For these stated reasons, entry holders may have chosen to blank out ⁄ omit ⁄ withhold some vital personal information, but a complete, uncensored version of each record is in the possession of the entry holder.

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