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Welcome! – This review site was created to host & promote popular products among some other cool things found throughout the web while promoting market integrity by exposing scams that we found.

Think you've found everything you need by going to the big box stores? Think again! Check out all the world wide web has to offer. Whether you want to find resources on how to set up a solar power system or you want to learn how to build your own garden at home or you need the tools to do it all, it's all there! ...provided we continue to have a free & open Internet for the people. Thank you for visiting!

Most Popular

Help with Shipping – This page is a short overview of how the shipping industry works as well as referencing a preferred brokerage who provide excellent customer service and competitive freight rates.

Clearly Filtered – One of the highest quality water filters that removes up to 90% of fluoride & contaminants in tap water.

GuitarTricks – Learning to play guitar is really simple with this popular online guitar instruction software.

Not Recommended

Anthony Morrison's Big Profits Secret – This is a get–rich–quick scheme that builds up hopes and lets down with lots of broken promises.

The People's Program – Cash gifting is when you give people money and then other people give you money.

Swag Bucks – Survey programs like these provide a database of companies who perform market research through surveys.

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Updated December 19, 2017